We have had the pleasure of working with Joe Abdellah over the past year and a half as our Indiana based digital content creator for the Big Ten Network. Joe has been an essential part of Big Ten Network’s digital success by providing quality video and photography content from Big Ten events at Indiana University and the Indianapolis area.

From the start, Joe established himself as one of our top digital content creators across all of our 14 Big Ten campuses. He has been trustworthy, dependable and a great brand ambassador for BTN. Based out of Chicago, we have relied on Joe to produce content from on-site events in Indiana for use on our digital platforms. He has produced content from all of Indiana’s home football games the past two seasons, select basketball games including the Crossroads Classic in Indianapolis, and the entire 2017 Big Ten Baseball Tournament where he fully operated our Instagram account by posting content and operating our Instagram Story. Outside of content creation, Joe also provided our team with creative ideas that helped improve our marketing strategy for our on-campus BTN Tailgate show.

We have been more than impressed with Joe’s work. He consistently goes beyond what is asked of him by arriving early for pregame content, staying late to edit and has an eye for the best angles that take his content to the next level. His real-time uploads have helped immensely, allowing our digital team to not only post his content before and after the game, but also while the game is ongoing. Joe is very personable and has developed strong and trusting relationships with our social media team and Indiana Athletics. His all-around skill set is an asset that allows him to successfully produce quality and creative content.

I highly recommend Joe Abdellah and believe he would be an excellent addition to any digital content team. Please feel free to reach out to me directly with any questions or for more information.
— Ryan Sullivan, Big Ten Network Senior Communications Coordinator
Joe Abdellah is an extremely talented videographer both in his professionalism and work ethic, as well as with the creative content he produces. He is readily available and adaptable at work, and he possesses a very unique angle on his creations. He consistently delivers the client’s vision in meticulous detail, and is able to best capture the various and often vague ideas presented to him. In his work, Joe is able to highlight the uniqueness of a concept while bringing the most exposure possible to a brand or service.
— Enrique Rodriguez, Founder of AbroadFest Music Festival
When it comes to creating beautiful content that takes a brand to the next level, Joe Abdellah is the man for the job. Joe was an absolute pleasure to work with, as he consistently went out of his way to ensure that he delivered on all commitments and beyond. Joe’s direction while shooting was very comfortable to work with, and at no point did I ever feel like I was on a “staged” shoot. The end product speaks itself – Joe, without a doubt, took my brand to the next level of professionalism. I can’t wait to work with Joe again, and I’d like to extend my highest recommendation to anyone who is considering working with him.
— Mark Matsuki, Indiana Memorial Union Board Director of Music
To put it simply, Joe Abdellah is truly one of the most talented individuals we have ever had the pleasure of working with. The passion and excitement he has for his projects is contagious and his work ethic is unmatched. Joe has shown time after time his willingness to go above and beyond to make the final product perfect. Whether going out of his way to build a set for a shoot or painstakingly filming hyperlapses to get them right, Joe has always gone the extra mile to achieve the vision we were looking for.

Above all, Joe was an absolute joy to work with on our video. His easygoing nature, confidence, and good humor made everyone he worked with feel comfortable during shoots, and we believe his constant flow of creative ideas and passion for the work he does truly sets him apart in his industry.
— Katherine Cooper, IU Kappa Kappa Gamma Director of Recruitment
Joe Abdellah is a name you will be hearing a lot in the industry. After working with him on projects in Europe such as ABROADFEST and Bus2Alps, I found out quickly how this creative artist functions on a different level. His determination is unmatched. From rising early mornings for sunrise time-lapse shots to filming concerts and staying up to edit footage until he can publish his final product, Abdellah focuses acutely. In the creative world, especially, personality goes a long way. From initial contact to final product, Joe’s ability to please the client is remarkable. His charm, humor, and attention to detail all become very transparent while working with him on an average day.

Witnessing his rise in the industry in the short time has been fulfilling to say the least. As a professional photographer/videographer myself, I know what it takes to get the job done. However, not only does he get the job done but he takes it to a whole other creative level while at “work.” As his passion shines through deeply in his videos like the “ABROADFEST 2016 Official Aftermovie”, one can fully comprehend why he will be a household name in the creative media industry in just a short time.
— JB Michael, Infinity Within Reach
Joe produced our Delta Delta Delta 2015 and 2016 Recruitment video. Through the filming, Joe effectively instructed the girls and was constantly providing creative ideas that positively effected the image of our house. The quality of each clip was unbelievable. He was very active in the filming process in that he was able to see what needed to be changed but also what was working well.

When it came to putting all the clips together, Joe did an amazing job. He was very organized and had a clear vision of what he wanted the final product to be. He was a leader at the times he needed to be but always took our opinions into consideration. Whenever he needed to be reached he would give us his full attention and made us his upmost priority. I know this was a very long process but Joe was always striving for perfection and made sure that everything looked the best that it could. Overall we were so proud of the final outcome and could not have been more excited to show others what he produced. Joe was an amazing producer and we look forward to working with him again in the future.
— Addie Ruxer, IU Tri Delta Director of Recruitment